Charlie Series
— For kindergartens

Complete a serie of functions such as rapid daily health check,identity recognition,check in,health report and automatic parents notification with ultra high efficiency.


The most professional and efficient assistant

for campus health and safety !


▌ The Value Of The Product
The #1 Child Care Health Screening Robots for Schools
Help schools reopening and quickly adapt to the new normal.
▌ Detailed Product Functions
Health screening function
One step to complete the children's abnormal characteristics screening of temperature, mouth, hands and eyes in 3 seconds automatically. Including advanced mode and mask mode.

ž  abnormal temperature

ž  advanced mode

ž  mask mode

ž  wrist temperature mode

ž  red rash on the palate

ž  herpes on the palate

ž  red throat

ž  tooth decaying

ž  red rash on hands

ž  herpes on hands

ž  fingernails

ž  wounds on hands

ž  red rash on the palate

ž  red eyes

Wrist temperature mode
Only screens wrist temperature. Temperature measurement in only 1 second and record school-wide temperature. The data is retrievable all the time.
Interesting class
Charlie installs high-quality speaker. It supports independent uploads of files and has the ability to tell stories, play music. It's a good assistant for teachers in class.
School Management Platform
Divided into PC Web & Mobile App. Multiple roles (Schools &Teachers &Parents) grasp the dynamics of campus health information in real time, including Check-in Calendar, Daily Health Check Record, Daily Report, Health Pass, Absence Request, Campus Notification, Class Story & Menu. Improve campus health management and statistical analysis capabilities.
▌ Product Advantages
Health Screening Effect
Super fast
3 seconds
Ultra high accuracy
Comprehensive recognition items
hands, mouth, eyes and temperature all included
Epidemic Prevention Design

One child one card

Each child has his own card, and it is not only a card, but also a chin bracket to avoid contact.


Air exhaust device

It will automatically open after each health screening, to avoid the staying of droplets.


Hand screening area

The design of the hand screening area effectively reduces the area of contact. 

▌ Quality and safety
China CCC certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, EU CE certification
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